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Now that you have decided to create your own custom sneakers for your business, it’s time to find the best custom shoe supplier to match what you are looking for. With so many custom shoe companies out there that claim to allow you to “customize sneakers”, it can be difficult to know which companies actually allows you to create the custom shoes you envision.

Questions you should ask:

  • Custom shoe Style Options – Do they have the style you are looking for?
  • Customization Options – Can you provide logos, images, and text or just simply choose colors?
  • Quality of Product – Are the sneakers and the design of high quality?
  • Design Service – Do they have a team trained to create custom designs for you and save you precious time?
  • Artwork – Is the person/s customising the shoes an experienced artist or just a person with a paintbrush
  • Price – How much does each pair of custom sneakers cost?
  • Customer Service – Can you talk to a real person and have a discussion about your custom shoe design?
  • MOQ – Is there a minimum/maximum amount of kicks you have to purchase?
  • Corporate Kicks has been specifically designed with all of the points listed above in mind.
  • We truly believe that you will come to the same conclusion and we are excited to partner with you.

Create Your Own Unique Customised business sneakers

Now that you have decided to partner with us, it is time to start decide on the statement you want to make with your personalised sneakers. We are excited to share all the benefits of designing custom kicks. What to consider when buying them and tips and tricks for creating the perfect design. So let’s explore the wonderful world of custom kicks!

custom sneakers for your business or event

Choose From Many Kick Styles And Materials

When it comes to designing your own custom sneakers, you have a wide array of styles and materials to choose from. From canvas sneakers to leather boots, there’s a style that suits your business. You may want to go for something classic and timeless, or you could opt for something bold and daring – it’s all up to you!

When selecting materials for your custom sneakers, you want to make sure that you choose something that is comfortable, durable, and stylish. Leather is a great option if you’re looking for something that is both comfortable and durable. For a more lightweight option, you can opt for canvas. It’s lightweight, breathable, and perfect for creating a vibrant statement..

Add Personalized Details Such As Colors, Images, Logos, and Words.
When it comes to designing custom shoes for your business, the possibilities are endless. You can provide us with any image, color, patterns, words, and logos for us to use. This allows us to customize the kick in a way that truly reflects your business. Adding your logo is a great way to make them truly unique and to stand out at any business conference or event.

Enjoy Your Limited Edition Custom Sneakers

Now that you have your own custom shoes, it’s time to enjoy them! Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a limited edition custom kick or start a kick line, customizing your own kicks can be a great way to express your creativity and style.

For those looking to make a statement with their footwear, why not start a kick line? You can design a limited edition custom shoe and put it up for sale on our Mad Alice site, Plus, you can use social media to promote your kicks and grow your business.

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The Best Custom Sneakers Supplier for Your Business