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Customised shoes for Business or Events


  • Personalized footwear for businesses and events
  • Choose from an extensive selection of shoes
  • Craft your own distinctive design
  • A minimum purchase of 3 pairs is required

Corporate Kicks offers you the opportunity to create a unique design that is exclusive to your business or event.
Once you have created your design, you have the freedom to reorder it whenever you want, ensuring that you always have a pair of sneakers that reflect your personal style.
You can choose to either release your design to the public, allowing others to enjoy your creation, or keep it as your own proprietary shoe, adding a touch of exclusivity to your footwear.


  • Customizable design options, including colors, patterns, and accessories for you to design your own shoes.
  • Wide selection of brands and sizes to choose from
  • Your own branded sneakers

N.B If you have specific requirements or a large order that requires special attention please Request a Quote


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